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    High Altitude Specialty Coffee is the greatest coffee making company in the whole state of South Carolina. We currently have four different locations in four different cities: Charleston, Columbia, North Myrtle Beach & Greenville.


    All of you local people have been very polite and generous towards us throughout the years, which has allowed to serve you in many other locations. Your support and kindliness is very unique and for ever will remain in our hearts.


    We offer a great variety of coffees. Some of the major brands that are offered and served include:

    • Brewed Coffee 
    • Espresso
    • Cappuccino 
    • Americano
    • Caffè Latte
    • Turkish Coffee 
    • Caffè Macchiato

    • Caffé Mocha

    • Irish Coffee

    • Frappé

    Being a coffee shop in business for so many years, we have developed our own house brands as well. Next time you visit us, make sure you get to try some of our home-made brands for free. A lot of customers will prefer our coffee, than these famous worldwide known brands. We pride ourselves with curiosity, creativity and a great love for coffee!

    Because of the way the coffee industry is evolving, we have turned our shops into more interactive places for everyone. In fact we have the classic coffee setup that will get you your coffee beans (for all ya coffee loaners that like it the traditional way) and another part in the store which will serve you coffee on the spot, to enjoy with your friends. In two locations thus far (Columbia and Charleston) we make sure we include some very special musical programs into our schedule. When you have the blessing to live among students in two of the greatest places to study in the nation, you can't just ignore all these people. That's why we make sure that any local small bands, comedy acts or artistic groups get the chance to bring their friends over at our shop, relax and watch their fellow students perform.


    We always try to have variety in our programs, so that this shop isn't just like any other boring coffee shop. Which is why very often we will give you what we call "idea reports" that you can fill in telling us what you would like us to include in the upcoming week(s). This way you get more creative, we get more creative and together we build something magnificent. Depending on the time of year, we may even have tour groups arriving at our shops, especially in Columbia, SC or people that just want to go out and have a great time. So we have made sure we have enough parking space for everyone and their vehicles. In fact we are so cautious when it comes to fitting all vehicles, that we even got a separate parking space for arriving limousines. Many times college students want to arrive with their comedy acts in our Columbia location (which is slightly larger) in style, luxury and a very impressive way. They know there will be many chicks and dudes there, so they want to look as sharp as possible. But even you can rent your own limousine or luxury vehicle and arrive at our shop. We work closely with the local limo companies and they offer great discounts for all college students. A very good one we would suggest is Limo Rental Columbia. You can find their website if you click here.


    Although we'll get more into the origins of our brand and existence history later, because this company was started by immigrant Italians way back in the 1950's and because Italy has very tall mountains and rocky hills, we called our company "High Altitude Specialty Coffee." It's a symbolization of both our ancestry and our high altitude level of quality.


    We invite you to visit us anytime of the week and anytime of the year. If you are a first time visitor, we will give you some special discounts and offer you some samples you can try (especially from the house brands.) We are eager to meet you all and can't wait to serve you. If you have any questions, hop on to our "contact" page or simply give us a call. You can't miss this exciting opportunity of meeting your best coffee provider.


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  • About Us

    High Altitude Specialty Coffee is the greatest coffee making company in the whole state of South Carolina. Our humble beginnings start way back in 1950 when two immigrant Italians got to Charleston and decided with some money they had in savings, to launch a coffee company.


    At first it was just a small shop at Chalmers Street that was serving all the locals proudly and we got along greatly together. Within five years we were overwhelmed with the number of daily customers we had, and feedback on the quality of coffee we provided was excellent. So we wanted to "spread the love" to other places as well within the state. In fact, this came up as an idea that a customer of us proposed, who would travel very often within South Carolina and would visit coffee shops. So within 5 years of the original coffee shop in Charleston, we opened up a larger location (the largest yet) in Columbia, SC. We now can proudly announce 2 more locations: In Greenville and North Myrtle Beach.


    After all these years, our coffee shops are still run by the 2 families. In fact the current owners are sons and grandchildren of the two original. So it's beautiful how this tradition of our family - owning a successful coffee shop - has transferred to younger family members.


    We serve the greatest quality you will find in coffee: Our stores have sectors that provide you with coffee beans and sectors that are regular sit-down coffee setups (like Starbucks.) So if you are a coffee lover, definitely make sure you check us out in 1 of our 4 total locations. We can't make big promises for new locations, but we already have some ideas to extend to a fifth city or open up a follow up shop in one of the current ones. We will see how it goes, and will definitely let you know.

  • Coffee Services Offered

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    Coffee Beans

    As it was mentioned before, a part of our stores is focused on providing you with coffee beans, coffee machines and basic things you would need for that process. We test our source of coffee beans extensively before each order. Each order is completed manually and we don't stick to a specific provider. That ensures you get the most fresh coffee beans that exist in America.

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    Sit-down Coffee 

    Just providing you with coffee beans and coffee resources, would be a not very nice thing to do. We all like sitting down and having a cup of coffee before we get to work. We don't always have time to make coffee at home or enjoy the company or friends - colleagues. Which is why we ensure that in all 4 of our current locations, you get to sit down and relax while drinking our warm fresh coffee.